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Whale Shark Tours - Isla Mujeres 

whale shark tour Isla mujeres mexico


At 7:00 am we will be waiting for you at brand new Marina Bartolome located 100 mts south of ferry terminal in downtown for registration around 7:30 am we should start getting on board the boats to get us directly to the whale sharks area.
We start our boat expedition traveling north for about 50 minutes to reach the feeding grounds. We´ll spend up to 2.5 hours snorkeling and swimming with the whale sharks with a certified guide at all times. With a little luck, we may get to see some manta rays, turtles, dolphins, sail fish and other magnificent animals too! After this unique experience, we´ll provide fruit and sandwiches , as we head back, We´ll stop at the north beach of Isla Mujeres for a delicious shrimp ceviche, maybe guacamole and chips all prepared for your boat crew members. If everything goes according to plan we will be back to Isla Mujeres around 2:00 pm.

For Special Rates & Availability, please contact Kevin via WhatsApp or Call at +529982037408 

Whale Sharks 

Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the world. They are classified as sharks, but they are harmless to humans and feed mostly on plankton, small fish, and krill. They are found in warm, tropical waters such as Isla Mujeres, and are known for their distinctive pattern of light vertical stripes and spots on a dark background. Whale sharks are slow-moving and often allow divers and snorkelers to swim alongside them, which makes them a popular attraction in Isla Mujeres. However, it is important to approach and interact with these animals with caution and respect, as they are still wild animals and can be unpredictable.

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